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Our Human Resources Division Principal and contract project team members provide consulting services to help you design and implement value-added solutions that align your HR strategies and practices with the needs of your managers and employees. We focus on efforts including improving workplace communications and processes, enhancing individual competencies and organizational effectiveness, and encouraging employee contributions to achieve business goals.

Human Resources Consulting Areas

  • Employment and Staffing
  • Compensation
  • Benefits Program Design
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
    /Affirmative Action Program Management
  • Safety Program Management (Illness Prevention and OSHA)
  • Employee Relations
  • Organizational Development
  • HR Technology Products (Web-Enabled HR Services)

Human Resources Services

  • Develop recruiting and retention strategies using workforce planning objectives.

  • Evaluate and recommend compensation and benefits program features that attract and retain top talent while containing costs.

  • Conduct formal HR audits that address areas of legal compliance to limit exposure to litigation and financial penalties.

  • Provide performance management and appraisal systems to clarify business objectives and promote motivation for goal achievement.

  • Design and enhance policy documents and HR practices to improve communications and employee relations.

  • Conduct evaluation and planning for HR function to match HR actions with your business objectives.

  • Provide team members for HR projects or to act as interim HR department.

  • Evaluate HRIS systems and processes to improve delivery of desired results using custom or "off-the-shelf" technology solutions.
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