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Businesses are focused on delivering products or services to customers, rather than creating their corporate infrastructure. Core Pursuit's Principal of the Business Development Division and contract team members help companies build and strengthen their business core, to maximize profits.

Business Development Consulting Areas

  • Risk Assessments

  • Business Planning

  • Resource Usage

  • Web Design

Business Development Services

  • Assess current business practices to identify opportunities for mitigating risk and improving business success. Every business assumes risk, but some risks are too costly to assume. We help companies identify these risks, and offer solutions for addressing them.

  • Assist companies in writing and revising their business plans. While a business plan is important, the greatest value is the process of refining and focusing your business rather than writing the actual plan.

  • Evaluate current business strategy, to determine where the company needs to focus its business.

  • Work with companies to establish or improve their core business infrastructure.

  • Evaluate the current usefulness of advisors, professionals, and consultants to ensure they properly suit your business needs.

  • Determine whether your company's web site successfully communicates its goals.

  • Offer practical solutions rather than generic off-the-shelf consulting advice.

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